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Business Purpose

This is a SharePoint plugin designed to allow users to convert Word documents from one file format to another. This can be useful when documents presently in SharePoint need to be changed to a different format, such as upgrading to a new format or to PDF.
In this version, this plugin provides a workflow for unattended automation of Word document conversions to another desired format.

Technical Information

This solution leverages Word Automation Services built into SharePoint. In addition to providing a ribbon button in each Document Library, it provides a SharePoint Designer-based workflow for administrators or end users to leverage to assist in automatic conversions.

Supported Platforms

SharePoint 2010 and 2013, Standard or Enterprise

Application Type

SharePoint Solution (WSP)

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Highlight the selected files and click Convert Documents:


Select the output file format for each file and click Convert:


View the status of jobs:


View the history of conversion jobs:

The Word Automation Services timer job runs every 15 minutes and will output the selected files into the same location as the original files.

The new SharePoint Designer Workflow Custom Activity, available for both SharePoint Designer 2010 and 2013, allows you to convert documents via a workflow. For example, here is a workflow that is set to automatically start on a specified Document Library. The workflow allows you to prefix the document with a specified string.

Custom Activity:


Workflow which converts DOCX files to PDF:


Document Library where workflow will automatically start after dragging files into it:


Finally, after the Word Automation Services timer job has completed, the new PDF files are available:


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