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System Requirements

  • SharePoint Server Standard or Enterprise
  • A Word Automation Services Service Application and Proxy
  • Web Application must be associated with a Word Automation Services Service Application Proxy


  • Extract the zip file on the SharePoint server
  • From the SharePoint Management Shell, run Nauplius.WAS.ps1


  • To activate the Workflow, navigate to Central Administration -> Manage Web Applications
  • Highlight the Web Application, then click Manage Features; activate the Nauplius.WAS.Workflow feature
  • To active the standard conversion process, navigate to the SharePoint site that you wish to activate the feature on
  • Under Site Settings -> Manage Web Features, activate the Nauplius.WAS feature
  • The feature will be present on all Document Libraries in the SharePoint web


  • From Central Administration -> System Settings -> Manage Farm Solutions, retract and then delete the nauplius.was.wsp feature


Converting Documents can be done from the Ribbon. You may select as many documents that are in the Document Library view. Documents cannot be converted to the same format as the source document. If a document of the same name and file format exists in the destination, it will be overwritten during conversion.

Converting Folders within Document Libraries can be done from the folder's menu (ECB). Select Convert Folder and the output file format. Any ineligible file formats will be ignored. If the file already exists in the destination save location, it will be overwritten. Only Document Libraries are valid save locations. If you select another Folder to save into, it will be saved in the same folder. For example, if /DocLib/Folder is selected, the files will be saved in /DocLib/Folder (instead of /DocLib/Folder/SourceFolder).

Conversion runs on a timer job (by default every 15 minutes), thus a conversion will not take place immediately.

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